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This pale, gloomy realm is ruled over by Ereshkigal and Nergal, both wardens of the underworld and guardians of the dead souls that make their way into their kingdom. Irkalla is a realm of white plains, jagged rocks, and ancient stoic monoliths, full of joy and sorrow in equal measure. Regardless of the domain’s dark landscape, the beings within can be the polar opposite and it is almost as though there is a balance between both emotions on the scales of existence. For every dark moment there is one of light, for every beautiful moment of heartfelt expression, there is a sorrowful tragedy that serves to ensure no one soul experiences an existence of imbalance.


Home of the Annunaki

Irkalla is an interesting place, full of hidden nooks and caves to explore, some of them under the shifting sands and others tucked away under ancient monoliths that litter the landscape.

The rulers here make their great palace in the capitol City of Babylon, with many of their brother and sister gods, called the Annunaki. This city is situated at the domains center, surrounded by a sandy white plain, littered with jagged rock formations, old ruins, and ancient monoliths. To reach it, one must first pass the seven guarded gates and make offerings to allow passage. A soul must then avoid the dangers of the outer regions, which are numerous. New souls are met and welcomed by the Stewards of the Annunaki, who bring them past the edges of the region and to Babylon — here the soul is expected to offer one last offering before they are given a place in the city’s society.


The Land of no return

Irkalla should not be entered lightly, it should not be a whimsical destination for souls who are looking to explore Mausolea. It is known as the Land of No Return for good reason, for once an offering is given, and a place marked in society, there is no return for that soul. The gates are one way only for those that commit to living here, and as the soul accepts servitude to Ereshkigal and a place in her domain, it’s body is re-made into a mortal shell, one that suffers from age and decay. Only this time, when these souls finally end up dying as a mortal would, there is nowhere else but to oblivion. Yet, there are many who would come here despite this, some for the release of an end to existence, and many more seek out the power of the Font of Life, and a chance to return to the mortal coil from whence they came.

The Silent Sentinels

These monoliths are relics of a time long gone, of an age past when Irkalla was a different more vibrant realm. Now they stand as forgotten guardians, covered in a thick layer of dust carried forth by an uncaring dark wind that blows across the bright white sandy plains. Occasionally they resonate with the passing of a particular soul, or come to life for a brief moment, only to sink back into a deep slumber.

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The City of Babylon

The grand and majestic City of Babylon, with its high walls and elegant streets is a truly impressive sight. Not only is the city full of cascading waterfalls and beautiful gardens, it is home to the great palace of the Annunaki. Their palace has pride of place at the heart of Babylon, and nearby the Floating Gardens are tended by a careful and devoted gardener.

Throngs of people go about their daily lives, visiting the gardens, living, loving, eating, sleeping, and of course eventually dying. There are no graveyards that hold the bodies of the dead here though, for they turn to dust and blow away on the wind. Some have said they create the endless white plain that makes up most of the region. 

Babylon’s main gate is guarded by a pair of Lamassu statues who request an offering to allow the supplicant soul to enter the city.

The city is divided up into many quarters, and many giant ziggurats, with the highest tiers reserved for those of great station amongst the beings of Babylon.


The Rising Menace


The edges of civilization are home to many dark spirits and creatures that circle the borders, searching for a way inside to feast upon the souls that continue to live their mortal lives. Recent days have brought more dangers to the kingdom, as demons and have begun to penetrate the defenses of the godly domain, infesting the borders with new threats every day. Even the terrible creature Lilith has begun to stir in her hidden lair.

The pale wastes here have become home to many Wraiths, who seek to entice their victims, and trick them into abandoning the safety of the cities, or snatch the unwary from the roads. Those unlucky souls soon become twisted into wraiths themselves, devoid of thought and eternally hungry for the soul-energy of the citizens of the realm.


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