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The Prince


The Prince is one of the fallen lords of the outland, a lonely devil of broken ambitions who wanders the shadowy wastelands along the outer edges of Irkalla, that were the home of his former glory.

When the demon wars raged over Mausolea, he lead many legions of demons, and was a great general who won many battles. But when the wars were lost, his will was crushed by Nergal, and his mind shattered. Since that time he has been cursed to a confused and sad existence, and knows only that he was more than what he has become, but not how or why, even his name has been lost to time.

He does unknowingly serve a purpose to the realm however, as his sad wanderings take him on an eternal path around the borders of the domain, his very presence does serve to frighten away the shades and ghosts that prey on the new souls who arrive at the gates of Irkalla.

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