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Here dwell the selfish, uncaring and willful gods of the Greek pantheon, safely atop the cloudy heights of Mount Olympus, content to ignore immortals and souls alike. While far below, the great kingdom of Hades surrounds their home, guarded by the even-handed Hades, god of the Underworld. 

This domain is ruled by the City of Dis, the seat of Hades’ power, an impressive monument to his mastery of industry and commerce. Unlike the surrounding territories, Hades takes an active interest in the fate and lives of his subjects. 

Hades draws the worship of all the souls who dwell within his kingdom, content to leave his godly brothers and sisters to their plots and petty squabbling while he grows more and more powerful with each new follower.


The new order

The Kingdom of Hades surrounds the mighty pillar-like Mountain of Olympus, where the gods of the Greek Pantheon still dwell in their rampant decadence. These uncaring and selfish beings have left the afterlife and all its souls in the hands of the one god who does care, Hades. he is content to rule over this kingdom and leave his siblings to their isolation and their mountaintop palaces far above the clouds.

The worship of the Greek Pantheon has declined over time, as the mortals turned away from their gods. The Greek Gods were too foolish to notice the erosion of their power over the centuries. Whilst their power lessened, Hades power and that of his kingdom grows in strength and number almost daily.


An Iron Welcome

In a time when the power of the old gods is failing, Hades has grown his own kingdom by welcoming all faiths, moral codes, ethnicities, and those souls that can be described as generally good and decent into his vast lands. There are three great cities, the Paradise island city of Elysium, the Iron City of Dis, and the Circle of Chaos that is Malebolge. Hades levies taxes upon his followers and completely controls the commerce in his lands through shrewd and careful judgement, doing so has allowed him to grow the wealth of his treasury to incredible size, and it now also contains many ancient artifacts and relics of the world.

InhabitantsHDR-Hades Kingdom.png

The Lord of Riches

Hades has ensured that his kingdom remains competitive with others that value wealth and trade, he exports raw materials mined from Tartarus to the other gods and domains of Mausolea. All of these resources and ore are transported along the many rivers of this realm, to easily reach the other domains with great speed and little risk. Hades’ domain has many rivers that run through it, like veins through a body, each one serves a purpose in the vast tapestry of the afterlife. Some are a direct conduit that bring souls into Mausolea, others serve as boundaries, and some are  even bottled and sold by apothecaries in the border lands.


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