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This is the spirit-realm of the fair folk, and forms the ancient hunting grounds for the old gods. Anwyn is an island realm covered in rolling mist and shadow, drenched in ritual and strange folklore. There are many customs to observe when travelling in this domain, and those who do so always keep a small array of gifts for the fair folk and their gods.

This realm’s people are steeped in myth and story, their culture is based around ancient rites and rituals, fairy rings and stone circles where horned gods walk and blood flows to call the summer from her slumber.

This realm is  home to the Island of Avalon, and many figures of legend and story. Vast forests give way to abundant lakes and towering hilltops crowned by the mighty fortresses, keeps, and castles of the gods and immortals of Anwyn.

The islands of

Mist & Shadow

The Island Realm of Anwyn is a beautiful place, drawn out of legend and crafted by the gods to become a place of wonderment and magic. It sits at the centre of a vast and churning sea, which in turn is contained at the outer edge by the other lands of other afterlife realms, surrounding this is a great and desolate wasteland which serves to further insulate this domain from the other lands. On the edge of this sea is a red castle known as Tech Duinn, ruled by the god Donn, who serves as a collector of souls who arrive through the wasteland to come to the shore of the Sea of Anwyn.

Once collected, the souls are brought to Donn’s fortress to await the Boat of Manannan, God of the Sea. Manannan rules over these waters and sends his boat to serve as a shuttle to ferry souls across the sea to the Fortunate Isles that lie draped in mist just out of sight beyond the edge of the land.


The Fortunate Isles


The islands that ring the main island of Avalon, known as the Fortunate Isles are breathtaking to behold, places of such incredible beauty that rise up out of the waters, covered in lush forests and rolling hills. Across these islands roils a silvery mist that swirls protectively about them, it prevents evil from setting foot within the confines of the islands as well as disperses evil intent and effects. For these are no ordinary mists, nor ordinary islands, they are the domains of the gods known as the Tuatha De Danann.

The rulers of this domain, the children and demi-gods of Anwyn collectively known as the Tuatha De Danann. They are beings of power, of magic, of mystery, and of the land. Ageless, timeless, beautiful and terrible in equal measure. The Tuatha command vast power and use it to protect and guide those souls who find their way to their mist-shrouded shores. The likes of Arthur, Morgan Le Fay, the Green Knight and more all reside here in Anwyn and continue the legacy that was once thought as myth and legend by mortals of a new age.


The Common Souls

The mortals who reside here, in the various towns, settlements, villages, castles and keeps of the Fortunate Isles provide for each other through a system of barter, and goods exchanged for the coin of the realm. Goods that are imported from other realms are few and far between, usually only luxury items and things that the islands do not provide.

Because their realm is so isolated, they retain much of their ancient traditions and customs, and this is evident in their clothing, architecture, and entire civilization. Their gods are beings of primal nature, and do not concern themselves with scholarly pursuits, and so neither do their followers.

The evil that lurks beneath

Deep below the central island lies a maze of subterranean sea caves, these caves are the lair of the Fomorians where they dwell beneath the dark earth and waters of Anwyn. The Fomorians are a monstrous race of beings who can exist beneath the waves, they lurk in the darkness and conduct their bizarre and twisted rites. Sometimes they form raiding parties and head to the surface to capture and kill without mercy, they fall upon any wandering souls and shred them for use in their nefarious magics. Every few years, Fomorians gather in number and set out to raid the outlying villages on the island coasts.


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