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The Morrigan


A powerful entity, a war goddess, a primal agent of chaos, and one who weaves the web and threads of fate around her. She delights in interminable encounters and riddles, and is a consummate shape-shifter. She is also known to take the form of a large black crow which often appears during battle. She has encountered many heroic souls from ages past and often tells them of their coming fate, and will tempt young men and women to test them.

The Maiden-Warrior has also been known to offer her love and support to chosen heroes who catch her eye.  She can also be caring and gentle to those she has deemed worthy, and with a core of steel that flashes to the surface if she is crossed. The Morrigan comes to those who need her the most, offering aid and kindness, teaching important life lessons and even healing those who are sick and injured.

She also appears as the crone, or hag, the most dangerous and unpredictable of her forms. The crone appears most often to deliver an omen of dark destiny, a death or grievous loss, an ill premonition. Many believe the sight of a crow is bad luck for this reason, but it is the crone one must hope never to encounter.

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