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Master of the Great Hunt


The King of the Anwyn Otherworld and the master of the immortals of this domain, yet he does not lord his power over those who serve him, be they mortal or god. He is the Master of the Great Hunt and a towering being of power and prowess. He represents the land as much as the Mother Goddess and his eye falls unflinchingly over all the lands that make up Anwyn. He is tied directly to the realm and should the realm itself come under attack, his power would be disrupted. 

A great power in the mortal realm of ancient times, he is now Content to roam his misty kingdom, and lead the beasts of the Great Hunt through its hills and valleys, tracking, hunting, and working with the land to maintain its serene balance.

Arawn often wields a fearsome spear in battle, and is accompanied by a pack of white hounds. The bards tell stories of his mastery over the beasts of the wild, where he has turned the most determined Formorian charge by summoning a roaring gallop of wild horses, stags, wolves, and other creatures to stampede his enemies into oblivion. Arawn is said to dwell in a giant palace made out of the bones and hides of his defeated Formorian foes, this may be idle speculation on the storyteller’s part, or embellishment over the thousands of years and tales that have grown up around the godly king.

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