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When Arthur arrived upon the shores of Anwyn he was disorientated and bewildered, he wandered for many days and eventually he found aid in the various halls of the Tuatha De Danann. Each one of them gave him something in particular and many taught him to shape himself as he once was, a proud and noble-looking man with a fire of purpose that clearly shone from his soul. He was still not himself however, he had forgotten exactly who he was. His soul was tormented by visions of a powerful sword, a sword that he knew he had a connection to, a sword that was lost and cried out in the dark for him.

He journeyed for many days, and in a great battle with the Fomorians, he was struck a terrible blow, and was laid low for many days. When he came to, he awoke to who he truly was, and his mind was clear for the first time since his death. He sought out the Lady of the Lake and bade her take him to her hidden Island, there he was reunited with his sword and the blade shone as brightly as it once did. Arthur set about returning his former skills to their sharp edge and pitted himself against many evils of the land, travelling in and out of Anwyn to aid souls that had been beleaguered and lost, souls that were in danger from the darker creatures of the afterlife. He also reconciled with the soul of Morgan Le Fay allowing her to once again enter his circle of friends, he then embarked on a great quest to seek out nine great warriors to form a new knightly order, The Knights of Danu as they would come to be called. Their journey took them far and wide across all the seas and islands of Anwyn, wiping out the lairs and hidden caves of Fomorians wherever they could be found.

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