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Morgan Le Fay


Morgan’s life was fraught with danger, and at a very early age she learned to manipulate those who would do her harm, and to profit in the process. As she grew, so too did her appetites and her greed, and she became a cunning and dangerous trickster. She brought ruin to many who crossed her, using seduction and sorcery in equal measure to end the lives of men and women for slights, both real, and perceived. This life of treachery and deceit was ended by a sword that pierced Morgan’s own black heart. She then awoke on the shore of Avalon, in the presence of the Lady of the Lake who called her to serve her as a handmaiden for an entire age, before she was allowed to wander the Fortunate Isles as a free spirit.

When she was finally free to explore this strange land, she began searching for the souls of myth and story, and the relics of the mortal realm that had passed into this world. She used her magics to cloak herself in the forms of all she came near, mingling with all the peoples of Anwyn, and many of its monsters and animals as well. She ran with the white wolves of Arawn, and walked the shadowed halls of many of the great castles of the Tuatha De Danann, and even stalked the dark tunnels of the Fomorian kingdom for a time. And in her travels, she learned much of the world and her place in it,

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