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The Mother of Dawn

Once one of the most beautiful mortal women the world had ever known, the Mother of Dawn had many suitors, was abducted and sparked a great war. When she came to Mausolea, she was sought out by the lord of the underworld himself, and Hades pulled her into his chariot and sped back to his kingdom before the other Gods could claim her as their own. Some say it was her unbridled beauty that caught the eye of Aphrodite, who desired the Mother of Dawn as a consort, others say that she tricked the gods in her mortal life, and it was her clever schemes they so admired. Regardless, Hades granted her a seat in the highest tower in the City, not far from the Palace of Hades itself.

She was then made the personal handmaiden of Persephone, where she prospered for many years. She eventually began to rise in power amongst the people, whom she cared for with all the resources available to her, changing the kingdom from a land of black smoke and iron, to a city of proud people who shared in the wealth of their industry. It is said she brought the light of the sun back into the shadows of Hades great city, and guides its people as their representative within the halls of Hades palace.

She has also become the confidant of Persephone, who’s influence over her husband has played no small role in The Mother’s success’s on behalf of the populace. The two women are now a force to be reckoned with in the halls of power, and together they are Hades chief advisors.

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