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The Great Queen of the Dead, the Lady of the Great Place, or the Queen of the Great Below is the principle ruling deity here in Irkalla, a place which bears her name, one that she fashioned out of the primal energies of the afterlife, and it is a large realm of pale gloom. She is the highest authority of this domain, though of late she deigns to share some of her power with the mighty Nergal, God of War and Pestilence. His dark influence helps to balance the powers of her realm, that it doesn’t suffer from the vanity of the ancient gods and their arrogance that brought on the demon wars and tempted the great devils.

Despite these efforts to create balance, the borders of Irkalla are riddled with demons and other monstrous’ beings from within Mausolea, a fact that concerns the goddess greatly. She does not know yet how these entities are breaching her realm, preying on the newly arrived souls and preventing them from joining her subjects in worship. She only knows the effect that it has on her power, and like all the Gods of Mausolea, she requires that worship to maintain her power and influence over her realm. The last thing that the Queen of the Dead wants is to end up a forgotten statue on the very plains that mark the passing of mortals, or gods.

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