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Keeper of Whispers

The mysterious figure that serves as the guardian of the Valley of the Saints, a tragic figure, not allowed to venture into the City of Paradise due to the stain upon his soul. So, the Keeper lives in a hollow below the very valley, gathering only his secrets and riddles to keep him company. He has moments of lucidity, but during his great madness he scrawls upon the walls of the chamber where he lives. Yet the madness is not his fault, it is part of an accident where he came to know the full history and expanse of Mausolea, past, present, and future. The whispers he heard that invaded every corner of his mind gave him a unique insight into the events that shaped the grand tapestry of the afterlife.

Only he can read the script that he so feverishly writes. It is ironic then, that the caretaker of the fate of Mausolea should be a mad man who writes in archaic gibberish on a hidden cavern’s wall whilst he chronicles the secret history of mankind at the same time.

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