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Golden Empress


A powerful woman in life, leader of armies, lover of many and master manipulator. She was exiled some time later and promoted herself to godhood in the eyes of the people. In doing so, she was remembered by the mortals as a Queen, and her soul was sent through the Well of Souls to Duat where she awoke with full knowledge of who she was. She would not take the Trials of Osiris and instead demanded to be brought before Osiris and taken to Abydos. Hathor interceded on her behalf, stating that the former Queen kept Egypt as a place of gods and magic as the gods intended. Osiris broke from tradition and allowed her to be brought before him. She impressed Osiris, Anubis and even Isis enough that the gods opened their arms to her. This once-mortal woman was transcended to the power of a demi-god by the might of the assembled Pantheon, the first time in Duat’s history this had ever occurred. Now the Golden Empress is one of Osiris’ most powerful followers, she rules over the great houses of nobles that serve the god-king, where she controls her own small empire of souls who answer to her, and her alone.she serves the gods to extend their power and prestige, she uses her cunning, wiles, and diplomatic skill to great effect. Her voice is one of pure honey and her words are rarely harsh, she is known to be able to sway the most vehement of the Unsworn, those who forsake the gods.

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