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The Justice


After his death in 1800’s this man came to the shores of Mausolea stripped of his former power, his soul ragged and broken. He was saved by a being known as the Exile and led to the edges of the City of Pandemonium where he was deposited into the care of the city’s greatest minds.

Abraham regained some of his former self over time, his commitment to law and justice, and whilst he cannot truly remember much of his life upon Earth, his moral code and values remain intact. He gravitated to the Government District of the city and was welcomed by the Council of Walls where he served for a number of years until the Queen of Walls gave him a new position thanks to the will of the people. They requested that he be made the arbitrator of justice in the city, the man responsible for ensuring that the laws that passed within the hallowed halls of power did so without bias, without tampering and without external influence from those who would benefit from them. Abraham took this duty seriously and installed himself in the Hall of Covenants, a large courthouse that resides in the Government District.

Abraham can act as a judge if the need arises, and is the final ruling on any deemed unworthy to remain within the walls of pandemonium. It is his uncanny ability to see the truth, to pierce through any subterfuge, that some have credited with the notable lack of demons or corruption in the city’s population.

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