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The lord of locusts, a trickster and schemer, and ruler over the great chasm known as the abyss in the domain of Sheol. A devil of the ancient wars, he was a great general who lead many legions of demons, but when the dark armies were thrown down, he crawled into the great chasm of Sheol, known as the Abyss and began waging a different kind of war against
the souls of Mausolea.
An unknowable, alien Devil, armed with a sword that is said to rend demon and god alike. Abaddon is darkness personified, a lord of war and majestic like a bleak violent storm.

Abaddon is a corrupter, a figure that delights in tempting souls away from the light of his great enemy El’Shaddai and his godly court of powerful Elohim.

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