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The afterlife is a world filled with many more cultures and color than the world of earth we know today, it is a ghostly reflection of our own world throughout its entire history, a landscape of alien beauty and eternal life.

Ancient gods and dead cultures live alongside the wandering souls from all eras of human life in the mortal realm.

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The Domain of Anwyn fully expanded to include

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Journey of Souls

Souls that find themselves upon the shores of Mausolea come from
all corners of the Earth, from all walks of life, all religions and ethos.
Death comes to all mortals and when their time is upon them,
it is but a beginning, a door to another world.

A soul is often drawn to a specific domain in Mausolea,
shaped by their choices in life. their religion, faith, and ideology.

gaelic afterlife
egyptian afterlife
greek underworld
babylonian afterlife
hebrew afterlife
afterlife, heaven and hell

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