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No one save for the gods truly knows who this woman is, once wife to a great Pharaoh and one of the major rulers of a Dynasty long past, 

She was admitted to Duat and found herself in Abydos, where she was led to the Hall of Judgement to stand before Anubis. The Guardian of the Scales greeted her, weighed her heart and looked puzzled.  Her heart was light, but blackened by a stain of divine anger. Osiris summoned the Matriarch and was furious when he saw who she was, yet he did not cast her to be devoured by Ammit who waited eagerly in her pit. No, he turned her from the city and forced her back out into the desert where she wandered bewildered and confused that the gods would turn their backs on her. At length she came to an old ruined temple, where she settled for a while, as a sad, lonely exile. Bast took pity on her and in the guise of a friendly black cat came to the woman, she bade her to build in this ruin and gave her a purpose. She gave the woman her new name, the Matriarch and bid her to care for those wandering and lost souls, like her, who had fallen out of the god’s favour. Bast could sense that the woman had a kind heart and a good soul, she knew that the once queen of Egypt would acquit herself well to this task. So it was that the Matriarch gave rise to the settlement known as Homestead where the Matriarch cares for and offers comfort to the wandering souls, mortals, and spirits that find her refuge.

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